In-Shop or Mobile Service?

  • Today’s vehicles are computers on wheels. Auto Glass Masters has the professionals who can handle this.

  • Pre and post scans on most vehicles are required.

  • ADAS (Automated Drivers Assist Systems) need to be recalibrated. Our professionals can do it all.

  • Auto Glass Masters can handle all your needs – One stop shopping.

  • Auto GlassMasters uses OEM quality products, along with certified trained technicians who deliver 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Fleet Services – Have multiple vehicles in your business? Auto GlassMasters provides services for fleets including windshield repair and replacement, auto glass protection and a windshield guarantee.

Insurance Claims stars_5

  • Our insurance experts take care of everything.

  • Whether you have a windshield claim or any other auto glass claim, helping you with your insurance claim is part of our promise to make safe windshield replacement as convenient as possible. We have the experience handling auto glass insurance claims and we know the process and paper work inside and out. We have long-standing relationships with all insurance carriers and most independent agents.

  • In fact, more insurance companies and agents prefer Auto GlassMasters to any other auto glass provider. We appreciate and support their role in the insurance process and work with them to ensure every claim is handled quickly and professionally.

Family Driving

Windshield Repair & Replacement

  • Premium Glass & Materials – We use only factory-authorized glass from industry-approved sources. In almost all domestic and foreign vehicles, Auto GlassMasters will have the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part available. We use premium Sika brand urethane adhesive that we heat to 180°. It provides the strongest seal possible as it cools.

  • Windshield Replacement – Your windshield is classified as a “safety device” because it provides structural strength to your vehicle and helps to keep passengers inside the car if an accident should occur. As a result, we never cut corners when it comes to a safe windshield replacement.

  • Warranty – Auto GlassMasters a three year warranty from the date of service. Should you experience any issues as a result of our work, just call us, and one of our customer service representatives will assist you and resolve the issue as soon as possible.

AGSC-Certified Technicians

  • AGSC provides a certification program for installers, so ask if a company’s technicians are certified. And don’t forget to find out by whom. You’ll get a variety of answers. Some companies even say they certify themselves! AGSC is the only industry-wide independent certification program. Please note, if someone tells you they are certified by an insurance company, that is most likely not true. To our knowledge at this point in time, no insurers certify auto glass installers.

  • The windshield of your car may seem like an insignificant bug-catcher at first glance, but it is actually very important to your safety and the safety of your passengers. Be sure only qualified professionals get their hands on your glass!