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Reasons to repair or replace a damaged windshield


Avoid traffic tickets

Certain chips and cracks in the windshield can warrant a traffic ticket. This will end up being an additional cost on top of what you’ll need to pay for windshield repair or replacement.

Avoid greater costs down the road

While chip or crack repair is often inexpensive, this often isn’t the case when it comes to more intensive repair or replacement. The fact of the matter is, small and seemingly harmless chips and cracks often spread over time. 

The longer you wait to repair it, the more expensive it may end up being. You’ll want to repair versus replace whenever possible. Your wallet will thank you!

Maintain clear vision of the road

Safety starts with awareness on the road. And it’s hard to be fully aware of your surroundings when a chip or crack is impeding your line of vision. Even if the damage seems small, it can possibly lead to a dangerous blind spot. Don’t put your passengers in danger by ignoring easily avoidable risks.

Absorb the impact on the airbags

Windshields are essential to absorbing the impact of an auto accident. This directly affects the front seat airbags. Without the windshield properly absorbing the impact on the passenger airbags, the airbags may not work properly or effectively.

Avoid the possibility of passenger ejection

Windshields help protect passengers from outside forces, and this is especially true in severe car accident cases. A compromised buffer can lead to passengers being ejected from the vehicle through the windshield. This could potentially turn car crash injuries into car crash fatalities.



What are Advanced Driver Assistance Systems?

 ADAS refers to any type of assistance to the driver that is automated. This can be something as simple as auto-on headlights or rain sensing wipers. Moving up the scale, ADAS can also assist drivers by utilizing night vision technology and sensing vehicles in blind spots- something your average human with five senses would have difficulty doing. ADAS at its most advanced state is less of an assistance system, and more into the realm of becoming autonomous.  These are the cars that have lane departure sensors, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance systems, automated parking, and other features that let the driver sit back, relax and enjoy the ride. 

If you don’t already have a vehicle equipped with ADAS features, chances are you will in the future since more and more vehicles have these systems as standard features.

Despite the latest and greatest technology, things still break- especially windshields, which take the brunt of highway-speed abuse from objects like rocks. When it comes time for windshield replacement there are certain things you’ll want to know– like the fact that the car’s computer system will likely need to be re-calibrated.

Even though you can’t always see it, there are built-in sensors, specially positioned areas of tint and no tint, heaters, noise reduction layers– the list goes on. Some of these built-in or attached sensors can be linked to ADAS. And if the sensors change position by just a millimeter or degree, it may throw the entire system off. This one reason why re-calibration is essential after a windshield replacement.

The more advanced systems that use cameras for lane departure warning systems usually have special areas of the windshield that the lens “sees” through. It is a very precise area, so great care must be taken during an install to ensure everything is lined up. Much like other sensors, the cameras are very sensitive to change and will likely need to be re-calibrated after a new install as well.

Auto GlassMasters is certified in diagnostic scanning and re-calibration services. If you are in need of a windshield replacement, and you have ADAS features, come to the experts!