I’m Terry Dennis, auto glass industry expert. I’m a Master Certified technician, certified through the Auto Glass Safety Council (AGSC). My glass shop, Auto GlassMasters LLC, is a registered shop through the AGSC. My staff and I keep up with automotive technology through continuing education. Not only do we install glass, but we also have the tools and training to do pre- and post-vehicle scans and Automated Driver Assist Systems Recalibration when needed.


I encourage everyone that needs to get a windshield, or any piece of glass installed in their car, to educate themselves and get involved in their claims. Many people make the mistake of calling an 800 number and then they get steered to shops that are not registered and certified to the AGSC. These shops do not practice the auto glass replacement safety standards, but they work for discounted rates.


A lot of insurance companies sell you a policy that says your vehicle will be restored to pre-loss conditions using like-kind and quality parts. Those same companies send you to networks that use in-network shops where the only enforceable criteria is the shop work for the discounted rate.


I encourage you to go to www.autoglassmastersllc.com to look at our certification page and compare our shop safety standards to the one you are being asked to use. Alternatively, simply tell your insurance company that you want to use Auto GlassMasters LLC because of their safety qualifications.


Most shops are not registered to the AGSC and most technicians are not certified, leaving your family’s safety exposed and your very expensive investment compromised. This should not happen. Auto GlassMasters LLC, if given the chance, will help you through the claims process. It’s your vehicle and its your insurance policy, so know your rights. MOST OF ALL, DO NOT COMPROMISE YOUR FAMILY’S SAFETY SO A THIRD PARTY CAN PROFIT AND YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY CAN SAVE MONEY. You own the vehicle and you bought the policy to protect your family, so make sure you know who is working on your vehicle, what their credentials are, and what kind of parts are being used. Also ask about the warranty and certifications.


Don’t put yourself in the role of victim. Be the customer and seek out shops that will work for you and not a third party.